BitDaemons and the DaemonPunks: A study in 24x24 and the perils of going dev-less

A yuuuuuge selection of DaemonPunks from the first ~100.
DaemonPunk #235: Cedric illustrates the process of CryptoPunk Daemonification.
  • Body refers to the base Punk template we started from for each (The OG punk collection has just two, male & female). We decided to swap male and female naming out for Standard and Small (so we wouldn’t be restricted by gender on each base), added in Tall (internally referred to as the TombHead) and Broad, a larger, wider head base that basically allowed us more room on the face to work with! As the collection progressed, we added more base templates (Apes etc) to better ID ‘rarer’ designs.
  • Chill-o-meter is a measure of how chill the Punk appears by eye, entirely at our discretion. Chill as a cucumber is the max, Incapable of chill is the min.
  • Daemonic corruption is once again determined by eye, a rough metric of how many BitDaemon-like attributes the Punk has (glowing eyes, headpieces and mouthpieces etc.)
  • Stability refers to whether the Punk is animated (unstable) or animated (stable) — roughly 10% of the DaemonPunk collection are animated!
  • Finally, Fave Coin is a mostly non-visual attribute — we gave each Punk a favourite crypto coin — generally ones available on Fantom! We say ‘mostly non-visual’ as some are a nod to the Punk designs themselves — we make a ghostly punk, you know its favourite coin is likely $SPIRIT or $GEIST.
DaemonPunk #148: Juni, and her metadata attributes.

The Backstory

DaemonPunks #147 and #152: Nicholas & PC Radon

The release approach

DaemonPunks #226 and #227: Triton & Nusk

Final thoughts & the future

DaemonPunks #75 and #146: Billy & Split.




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