BitDaemons — Post-Launch Update & the Future of the Project

BitDaemons Launch

The BitDaemon portal network is under attack!

Holy shit, the horde’s getting decimated out there

BitDaemon holders make up the DaemonDAO

An assortment of gnarly BitDaemons, both generative and handmade, that (bar one, back left) are yet to be minted!

The DaemonDAO guides the future of the project (& reaps the rewards)

Proof-of-concept for Project Codename: Troy — a militant Daemon sub-species appears to be quietly amassing forces on waterworlds around Sol: deep-sea environments on Earth and subsurface oceans of Titan and Enceladus. Why did they attempt to mask their transit when the main BitDaemon population did not?

The DaemonDAO will have a treasury

  • Proceeds from future NFT collections — this encompasses the main collection NFT mints (sales & royalties), auction sales, and smaller-scale side collections (think DaemonDAO-produced 1–5 $FTM mints in the style of Santas Slaves, Degenerabbits etc.).
Anyone wanna see DaemonPunks or BitBitDaemons (definitely a placeholder name) as a cheap-mint generative? (we can also do non-Daemon stuff if you want lol dw guys)
  • Art competitions — say for example we run a BitDaemon-themed art comp with $FTM/NFT prizes to the top 5 or so (as decided by vote). We mint all entries onto a contract, live auction some, list others on marketplaces and split proceeds between the DAO treasury and the artist. Fun fact: The StrangeBrew logo competition was actually how I first started out making pixel art NFTs! I’d love to give someone their first auction experience in the same way
  • Crypto plays— once we have some $FTM accrued in the treasury, do we sit on it? Or do we implement it in low-risk farming strats ($FTM-stable LP, for example), degen plays ($TOMB-fork shares anyone?) or promising Fantom projects for the long-hold?
  • NFT plays — we could also choose to invest in promising new NFT projects, or even, once the treasury is sufficiently large, big blue-chip bastards like metaverse lands, Umans etc. Either to hold long-term, or to seek to make short-term profit.
  • Profits distributed to holders — This one may take a while (we can’t promise to match Stonk Society on the pace!) but once the treasury is sufficiently self-sustaining (either through farming, gains, NFT sales or a combination), we can propose to distribute profits amongst holders proportionally! This would be a fantastic way to reward holders and make the BitDaemon collection a serious commodity.
  • The galaxy play — imagine the treasury grows to a point where we could run a validator node, secure the Fantom network & reap the rewards as a collective for life? Not saying it will of course, nor that 15% APY is particularly appealing to most degens, but who knows!
  • All of the above, but cross-chain — while Fantom Opera will always be our home due to the fantastic community here, who’s to say we shouldn’t expand our reach cross-chain if a good opportunity comes? As a collective, we’d be well-equipped to do so.

The DaemonDAO looks after its own (& others who need it)

Other stuff (Collabs etc.)


Our favourite Precursors — if you mint these boys pls let us know!



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