Introducing BitDaemons: A new semi-generative character NFT series — only on Fantom Opera

What are BitDaemons?

Status of the project & roadmap (as of 20 Oct 21)

  • Finalise character art: complete
  • Finalise background art: in progress
  • Partner with a trusted dev team for airtight minting contract & UI: complete
  • Create the final NFTs and sanity check the whole collection: next up
  • Compile the final NFTs and attribute metadata to provide to the devs: next next up
  • Announce mint date and begin full marketing push: imminent
  • Launch of public mint: soon (promise!)
  • Follow-up plans: to be revealed post-mint

Why should I mint a BitDaemon?

Daemon rarity tiers

  • Grunt: ~40% of the generative Daemons
  • Fallen: ~30% of the generative Daemons
  • Prophet: ~20% of the generative Daemons
  • Overseer: ~ 10% of the generative Daemons
  • Precursor: Only ~50 pieces - handcrafted Daemons
Precursor Daemons based on (left-to-right): TinfoilRealist’s Sellek avatar; StrangeBrew’s Brewmaster and Poxxy’s Mr. Skull. Please note that these characters do not necessarily represent the final product, we have been steadily embellishing each Precursor after coming up with their initial draft.

Generative Daemons: A quick overview

  • Generative Daemons represent > 99% of the total supply! The vast majority of minters will only receive generative Daemons. They are by no means consolation prizes for failing to mint a Precursor, and we would not release the collection if we thought they didn’t stand on their own feet.
  • The code is better at making BitDaemons than me! The Daemons are pseudo-randomly generated by a pretty sexy program that makes combinations of the 300+ handmade assets across thirteen categories, drops shadows on to the lower layers based on the positioning of the upper layers, creates a custom colour pallette and calculates rarity on-the-fly. There are quintillions of possible resulting combinations, and early test runs have shown us that they’re all looking incredible.
A run through 150 generative BitDaemons created for test purposes on 20th October 2021, with a placeholder background. Attribute rarities may be tweaked, additional assets added and the generative program modified pre-launch.



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