TinyDaemons: A venture into the OmniChain unknown

4 min readJun 7, 2022


GM everyone! It’s LuckyLuciano here, back once again with a stellar excuse to do some long-form rambling. You tolerated the BitDaemons, you rated the DaemonPunks — now it’s time for something BRAND. SPANKING. NEW. Introducing the TinyDaemons.

A small selection of TinyDaemons from the very first test generative run (07/06/2022).

Daemon Science Directorate researchers have long been aware of malignant Daemon code pressing at the fragile boundaries of the Fantom blockchain. Understaffed and underfunded in the brutal bear market of 2022, they could do nothing but observe in terror as the Daemonic autonomous entity that arose from the remnant BitDaemon code created a breach and escaped. Maximising its chances of success (or pre-emptively evading capture), it compressed its datastream tendrils to enable it to reach for several neighbouring EVM chains simultaneously. The drone entities that make up this greater artificial hive consciousness have been classified TinyDaemons.

TinyDaemons promotional material highlighting the six chains they will mint on.

TinyDaemons are a collection of 10K generative NFTs that will be mintable on leading EVM chains such as Fantom, Avalanche, Optimism, Cronos, Ethereum and BSC. Each TinyDaemon NFT is designed on a 79x79 pixel grid, the characters stand roughly 30 pixels tall and are built from (at the time of writing) 180 handmade assets, with an equivalent number of ‘overlay’ assets dictating reflective (light) and shadow (dark) effects. Rarer TinyDaemons feature small pixel companions, handheld weapons and handmade backgrounds (as opposed to simple gradients).

Two example TinyDaemons. Left: TinyDaemon with the ‘Jet’ legs attribute (note the faint jet flare reflected on the ground? I’m well proud of that) on the ‘WashGold’ rare background with a dog companion. Right: a TinyDaemon with the ‘Gown’ legs attribute on the ‘Cult’ background (lol don’t sue me Funeral) with a cat companion. Note that companion colour schemes are mapped to that of the Daemon.

Basically, this ain’t mom & pop’s free mint generative. TinyDaemons are genuinely sick, packed with personality and small details and is a collection that we plan on going the bloody distance with post-mint — the third pillar of the BitDaemon NFT project. Best to land with a cataclysmic bang instead of a whimper on our first crosschain venture, don’t you agree?

Lucky, why bother putting together a free mint, and why is it not Fantom-exclusive?

It’s quite simple young one: we on the Daemon research team have long heard the $FTM call-and-response of “wen volume”, “soon” — we’re bloody done sitting on our hands waiting for it to just happen.

  • Step 1: Omnichain free mint to capture a larger audience who may be oblivious our Fantom activities.
  • Step 2: Incentivise TinyDaemon holders to bridge their NFTs back home to Fantom (details will be made public post-mint).

If even a small fraction of whitelist-chasers (sorry if that’s offensive IDC) stick around afterwards, we’ll have brought more attention to both our project and the Fantom NFT ecosystem.

Lucky, I’m already a Daemon NFT holder — what benefits will I see from this?

Glad you asked pal! We pledged during the initial BitDaemon mint that all DaemonDAO members would get free mints and/or other benefits from all successive Daemon collections. We also pledged to support holders of our handmade collection DaemonPunks in a similar way. Well this one’s just straight free, so why continue holding Daemon NFTs?

While the TinyDaemons will be free for all to mint, we have decided to utilise whitelist methods to complicate things for the chancers who bot mints for a living (if that’s you then do one dweeeeeeb). All Daemon NFT holders will be auto-whitelisted for the mint (pending snapshot) and there will be some manner of verification/engagement for other prospective minters to fulfil. While a bit lame, this is in the name of growing our audience, which is good for all current Daemon NFT holders.

In addition, this is far from our only collection in the works! This marks the first time since the inception of the Daemon project that myself and my Daemon-in-arms ArcAyn have been working on more than one collection at a time. In fact, we currently have 6 collections in development between us, all under the Daemon banner! A generative free mint (this one), a handmade collection of 999 (DigiDaemons), a utility collection (DaemonAvatars), a high-concept experimental collection that’s going to require extensive dev work (Daemonite) and two auction 1/1 collections (TBA). There’s never been a better time in history to be a Daemon follower.

Alright alright that was a bit of a sneaky tangent Lucky. Real talk though, wen TinyDaemon mint?

Eyyyyy straight to business, respect that. At the time of writing, art (and metadata) for the TinyDaemons collection is at about ~80% complete. I’ve reached out to our diligent DaemonDev and am arranging talks as I type. I estimate this means roughly a month to iron out mint logistics, ample time on my end to polish the collection further; add plenty more assets; cut some that don’t work; work in some handmade rares and do some proper marketing (ugh) — with hopefully enough time left over to y’know see my family/friends and sleep at night. At the end of the day though honestly your guess is as good as mine, just know we’re grafting to get this one out there.


Yo I genuinely didn’t plan on this being a long one! As I’ve said after all our previous articles, fuuuuck me that’s a lot of reading, sincerely well done for making it this far! Huge thanks to those who’ve supported us and if you like the sound of all this jump in our Discord, follow the BitDaemons project page on Twitter, follow the TinyDaemons collection page on Twitter, check out our shiny new project website (I built it myself after a fortnight of intense HTML tutorials, NBD) and come join the Daemon Family.

LuckyLuciano & ArcAyn